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InTheVerse Software Integration

InTheVerse is a company that focuses on custom software integration.

We work with any .NET SDK and will create solutions from scratch if one doesn't exist for your product.





What's New

Here’s a short list of our newest items and updates, including QuickBooks, Master Builder, Encompass 365, and MICR Checks. Check out what's new and see for yourself.

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We build for Mobile Devices ... too!

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Key Technologies

Here’s a short list of our services.

  • 1 Reporting
  • 2 Winforms
  • 3 ASP.NET
  • 4 Windows 10 Apps
  • 5 Dashboards
  • 6 Data Import/Export
  • 7 Office Plugins
  • 8 E-mail Solutions
  • 9 Off-Site Backups
  • 10 Server Hosting
  • 11 Hardware Sales
  • 12 Network Configuration

... and so much more

Ready to add efficiency to your workflow!

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Simple User Interfaces

We strive to create the most simple user interfaces, and none at all if possible.

simplicity is efficiency...

Best in Class Support

Direct contact with the designers and developers! Not a support forum, but your own ticket center that gives you direct contact with the folks who designed your solution.


Quality Training

provided in both print and video

InTheVerse wants you to be successful with your custom integration, so we start with a thorough training for your team when the application is completed.


Real Human Support

no mystery robots here

The services and support you recieve with InTheVerse is provided by the same people who designed and built your solution. You recieve first hand, one on one human support. We provide a fantastic ticket center so you can contact us directly and keep track of all our communications.


Custom Services

built for you

We can create something truly unique and original for your bussiness software solution. If your current software just is not keeping up, perhaps a solution built from the ground up specificaly for your use is in order.


Enterprise Help

a little one on one

There is no better way for us to prove our commitment and loyalty to our customers then to provide the assistance you need with ANY issue that might come up your daily work cycle. Let's get together and solve the problem.